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Wow! I liked it. The color templates were great. The movement was a little sloshy, but doable. Sound was nice and simple. I liked where the story was going. Only problem I had was it went white and I couldn't finish the game. In 1987 after giving grandpa the item through the door, I go to the future and it is just plain white. Is that intentional or a bug? Was playing on browser.

Hi! It was not intentional, this bug doesn't let the game show the end credits. I couldn't fix it before the jam submission deadline, but I've already fixed it and I will upload the improved version when the jam ends. But that means that you reached the end! Thank you for playing and for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the colours and story. Thanks!

Cool idea, I like the art. It's clean. Some of the layers are not correct, for example in front of the couch his body is behind the couch but nouse is on top of it. But hey it's a game jam. Great job.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I'll try to fix it when the jam ends. I'm glad you liked the art.


Anyone Wanna Play My Game Here Is The Link:

Cool Game! the only thing is the checkpoint/markers for time travel is too sharp compare to the environment

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the feedback.

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Hi! Thank you for playing and for the gameplay video! If you want to finish the game, the action continues in 1987!

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thank u